"Dare To Be Who You Really Are"  

An inspirational book about the life and spiritual awakening of author Pat Kelbaugh. Follow her journey and the miracles she experienced as a minister’s wife/dance teacher, mother and grandmother while running a business, and taking leadership roles
in the church and DMA dance teachers organization.

Read about the many challenges and disappointments she encountered that caused her to connect with her higher power. Her faith was put to the test when she underwent major surgery to remove a large fibroid tumor and pre-cancerous cysts all at the same time her husband was put on trial for behavior unbecoming to a minister. She learned to put her trust in God and realized that her job on earth was not finished. God had
saved her life and she had much yet to do. She used her talents to help others find their voice and know they were not alone. Perhaps her story will help you find your courage “to be who you really are” and strengthen your faith. As you embrace God’s
promise to hold you up while facing life’s challenges, fear begins to fade away. There is only one choice: love or fear. Love is the answer.

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